Didsbury Dinners community food growing project

We aim to bring together people who have land to share, and people who want land to grow their own food. Our community food growing project reduces food miles (and packaging) by creating more local fruit, nuts, legumes, vegetables and herbs... to be used and enjoyed by anyone. We're trying to involve the local community and make our neighbourhood an even more attractive, healthy place to live.

We garden in Didsbury and surrounds most Saturdays between 12-2pm during the growing season. Simply drop us a line at grow@didsburydinners.com to get involved.

For more info: http://www.didsburydinners.com/community/community-growing/

The photos document our progress in transforming various volunteered veggie patches across Didsbury and surrounds!
Posts tagged "April"

Barlow Moor Road community garden

14 April 2012. Look out Lara Croft! Volunteers discovered muscles they never knew existed after grappling with mattocks, pick axes, spades, axes and rakes to clear beds for planting. WI-inspired 2013 community growing calendar, anyone?! Email community.growing@yahoo.co.uk to join in the fun at our next gardening session!

Barlow Moor Road community garden

1 April 2012. The blackberry bush to the north-west of the garden, before, during, and after pruning! Great progress was also made in clearing the brambles that had completely taken over the garden, as you can see from head-on views of the garden (facing north/north-west). Seedlings are starting to appear in the shoe herb/salad garden that we planted last week, and we planted up some tomatoes, radishes, broccoli, and curly scarlet kale.